Essay on Vaccines Are Dangerous And Ineffective Vaccines

1294 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Vaccines have been a topic of debate ever since they were first developed in the year 1796. This is simply because there is substantial proof that demonstrates that vaccines are not as effective of safe as assumed by the crowds of people who receive vaccines. The dangers of vaccines are a matter on which people should become aware, simply because it concerns their health as there is reliable evidence that proves the dangers associated with vaccines. Research and scientific facts demonstrate that the ingredients used within many of these vaccines are quite detrimental and in certain cases lethal to the human body. Furthermore, there are alternative ways to protect the body and the immune system against disease rather than vaccines, which have been proven to be effective, such as quarantines and other immunization techniques. Therefore, vaccines are dangerous and quite ineffective because research and statistics proves that vaccinations that there are certain risks and dangers associated with vaccines and that there are other methods and techniques that may be implemented in order to prevent diseases rather than the ineffective vaccines. Many common vaccines contain ingredients that are known to be damaging and harmful to the human body. The Center for Disease Control provides a table containing a list of the elements and materials used to create vaccines (2015). The information contained in this table includes not only vaccine ingredients, such as adjuvants and…

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