Essay on Utopi Utopia Is The Belief Of The Perfect Place On Earth

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Utopia speech

Utopia, what is utopia? Utopia is the belief of the perfect place on earth. But "perhaps the greatest utopia would be if we could all realise that no utopia is possible." Good Morning/Afternoon class and Mrs Ramchandra. The problem with "Utopia" is, everyone has their own Utopia, their own perfect world. Utopia will vary from person to person. As seen in the the graphic novel "The complete Maus" and the film "V for vendetta". Both of these texts represent someone trying to create their perfect utopia, the graphic novel "The complete Maus" dives deeper into the life of a Jew during World War II, while the Movie V for Vendetta tells us a story about a corrupted Government trying to control the United Kingdoms.

This is why I believe the perfect "Utopia" is not possible. First I 'm going to talk about "Maus" and World War II, the book starts off with Art going to his father Vladek 's house. Art want to record his father Holocaust Memories, Art is told about all the horrific things Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party did to the Jewish people. Hitlers plan was to create the perfect race, The Aryan Race. This was Hitlers personal Utopia.

This could be very different from someone else 's Utopia. While the movie "V for Vendetta" is about a man on a quest for revenge, he wishes to fix the wrongs done to him and his society by a corrupt government.
During "V for vendetta" V states "People should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of…

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