Utilitarianism Is A True Justified Ethical Theory Essay

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The Case of Happiness
It is no secret that we want to live a happy life. Utilitarianism is simple; it is based on the idea that our actions are morally wrong or right depending on the outcomes of those actions (Gilmore, Travis). Morally right actions increase happiness. Morally wrong actions decrease happiness. In this paper, I will show that the basic concept of Utilitarianism is a true justified ethical theory. First, I will explain why the Principle of Utility is beneficial in making decisions. Next, I will set out to explain how Utilitarianism accounts for our happiness. Then, I will discuss its capacity to remain impartial. Finally, I will examine the best objection to Utilitarianism. You make people happy when you help them, and you make them unhappy when you harm them. It seems to be a pretty easy notion to follow. Happiness is defined as good fortune; pleasure; contentment; or joy (happiness). I will use pleasure and happiness synonymously throughout this paper.
The Greater Good
The basic theory of utilitarianism is called “The Principle of Utility” and it states that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness (Scalet and Arthur 90 ). I think we can all agree happiness is a good thing. So making other people happy is a morally right thing.
The Principle of Utility takes a look at where the pleasure is needed the most and where it will have a greater impact. The principle of utility…

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