Using Remote Sensing Technology : A Large Watershed And Receive Inflows From Major Rivers

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1.1 General
A reservoir will generally be located towards the end of a large watershed and receive inflows from major rivers. On the other hand, reservoirs have a shorter residence time but a much larger watershed which can be more difficult to control. Therefore, capacity surveys are important for proper allocation and management of water in a reservoir. Knowledge about the quantum of sediment and its deposition pattern in various zones of a reservoir is very essential to assess the balance life of reservoir. In view of this, systematic capacity surveys of a reservoir should be conducted periodically. Using the Remote Sensing techniques, it has become very efficient and convenient to quantify the sedimentation in a reservoir and to assess its distribution and deposition pattern. Remote Sensing technology, offering data acquisition over a long period of time and broad spectral range, can provide synoptic, repetitive and timely information regarding the sedimentation characteristics in a reservoir. Reservoir water spread area for a particular elevation can be obtained very accurately from the satellite data. Reduction if any, in the water spread area for a particular elevation indicates deposition of sediment at that level. This when integrated over a range of elevations using multi-date satellite data enables in computing volume of storage lost due to sedimentation. In this project satellite imageries were analyzed to assess sedimentation in Ajwa…

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