Using Positive Behavior Interventions And Supports, Or Pbis Essay

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Anyone who has ever worked in the school system has probably heard a complaint or two about students’ disruptive behavior. These behaviors interrupt the educational process not only for the students displaying them, but for those around them. The topic of this paper is an article by Lola Vollaire-Thomas, Jamilah Hicks, and Roslin Growe (2011) called “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Interventional Approach to Improving Negative Student Behaviors”. The authors of this article discuss a program called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, which is meant to create a school-wide environment in which positive behaviors are valued and encouraged.
As a future school counselor, I will likely need to be well-versed in ways to handle disruptive behaviors. I am curious to learn more about programs to help schools improve their learning environments. I have found in the schools I have worked in as an aide that each classroom usually has its own behavior system or reward system. It seems that it would be beneficial to have a school-wide, consistent approach.
The purpose of the article by Vollaire-Thomas et al. is to propose a study to “investigate the potential impact of a program designed to reduce the discipline referral rate of students displaying negative behaviors in the classroom” (2011, p. 224). Their idea is to use Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as part of a Positive Behavior Support system.
In his 2009 letter to chief state school officers,…

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