Using Handheld Technology Can Be A Savior At Times Essay example

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Parents from all over the world have at least one child who use a handheld device such as a iPod/ipad, smartphone, and tablet as a soothing solution. I remember when my eldest daughter “Chana” cried, the first solution that came to my mind was to give her my smartphone. Once it began playing "Twinkle Twinkle", or “Itsy Bitsy spider" she would stop crying. All parents want their child to be in a good mood and so they use the easiest method, but are parents attentive of the problems associated with too much screen time? Using handheld technology can be a savior at times and give us time to tend to other situations; however, parents should limit the amount of screen time that their child uses if they are under 12 years of age. Give the child something else to do like a puzzle, or a coloring book. Children who are exposed to long hours of screen time have a greater chance of developing some problems such as sleep deprivation, aggression, delayed development, and development of the child. A pediatric occupational therapist named Cris Rowan said that "parents, teachers, and the government should ban the use of handheld devices for children under the age of 12 years" (Rowan).
Having a child throw fits in public can be so tiring and annoying and the only solution that works best at that moment may be to give them a little screen time, but this can also become a habit for your child. The child may become addicted and lose interest in other activities. I have witnessed my nephew…

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