User Manual For Matlab Statistical Analyzer Essay

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User Manual for Matlab Statistical Analyzer
This Matlab code does various statistical analysis calculations on data specified by the user and prints all deliverables to an output file. First, a function is used set output file name. This function can only take names of length from 1 to 25 characters and does not take unacceptable file characters (/ \ | * : ? " < >). After setting the output file name, the user is asked to input a username. The user name can be from 4 to 25 characters with no other restrictions. After the username has been specified correctly, the output file turns on and starts logging. The main menu then displays the following options: load or overwrite data, view statistical data, plot histogram, plot histogram fit, plot probability plots, regression of y on x, find probability given x or z, find x or z given probability, and exit.
* Before being able to use menu options (2-8), the user has to load data.
** Before being able to use menu options (7-8), the user has to run one of menu options (3-5).
*** The program asks whether the data is normally distributed only once depending on which of the menu options (3-5) the user starts with.

The Main Menu:
1) Load or Overwrite Data:
The load/overwrite menu option assists the user in loading an appropriate text file. After choosing this menu option, the user is asked to input the data file name. This function does not accept any nonsensical input, including but not limited to, an empty array, a…

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