Use Of Nature And Nurture Based Studies On Epigenetics Essay

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Throughout the century, there has been a debate if children learn because of their genetics, or because of the environment they are in. With hundreds of studies done, there still is no one exact answer. Most people say it is Nature, or in your genes; or Nurture, from your environment. Although it could be said either nature or nurture predominantly decides who you will turn out to be, I argue that it is both a combination of nature and nurture based studies on epigenetics, language acquisition, twin studies, and genetic alcoholism.
There are many factors that play into who a person is and what kind of decisions they will make. This can include emotions such as stress, happiness, sadness, and also confusion. In the article “Transgenerational Epigenetic Contributions to Stress Responses: Fact or Fiction?” by Eric J. Nestler, he addresses the fact that although further research is needed to determine certainly whether epigenetic inheritance of stress truly determines one’s susceptibility versus resilience to stress throughout life, there is growing evidence to support epigenetic contribution. With research in epigenetics supporting environmental factors as being responsible for genetic expression modification, these genes are being passed on to the individual’s offspring. This can be used to defend the importance of both nature and nurture when it comes to the when it comes to the development of an individual. The article states “It is clear that stressful life events can…

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