Use Of Media And The African American Culture

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The Use of Media and the African American Culture
A rhetorical trend is emerging in cases of police violence and corruption. Across the country, police are arresting, assaulting, and killing women and men without cause. Police officers take advantage of how much power they have over citizens, specifically African Americans. In other words, it is determined that police are committing serious offenses, but because of an unjust application of the law, they are completely let off. Families are let down, entire communities are outraged, and victims are given no hope by a system that should be protecting them.
The way the media perceives the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, who was shot and killed on Aug. 9, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Mo., and the riots that began after, express the emotions of African Americans being treated brutally because of prejudgement of their race. The media shown on the news forecasts, Cnn, Ny Times, and Fox Nation, gives many different perspectives, but the one that they all share is the ability to make any average black person upset, or offended. By that I mean the tone in the citizen’s voices and their choice of wording is, and can be painful to others just by word of mouth. The way that the media talks, the quotes, and the pictures that they choose to use in their articles are very pessimistic towards people of the African American race. Not proposing that they should be bias but they each are very

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