Use Of Hate Between Ugolino And The Archbishop Ruggieri Essay

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In the Inferno, the lustful between Francesca and Paolo seems to completely contrast with that of hate between Ugolino and the Archbishop Ruggieri. There stories may be kept at two different spectrums, but are in fact parallels of one another. Therefore, the story of Francesca and Paolo in Canto V and the story of Ugolino and Ruggieri in Canto XXXIII of the Inferno demonstrate the thin line between love and hate. Francesca was a young woman of her time expected to be in an arranged marriage by her father. One day when a Paolo came to her home, she was under the impression that this handsome man was to be her husband.1 However, it was his brother Giovani who was arranged to marry her.1 However, she still married Giovanni and they bore children.1 What Dante does not present in Canto V is that both Paolo and Francesca had children as well as spouses.1 The two still became very fond of one another as she spent more time with Paolo than Giovanni who was always away with duties.1 It was not until the two sat down to read Lancelot, a book of love, that they could no longer restrain their lustful desire for one another.1 They were eventually caught by Giovanni who arrived home early one day and thus murdered them both.1 Ugolino was once a Ghibelline who joined into the Guelph party in order to advance his political power.1 He partnered with the Archbishop Ruggieri, a Guelph, and together they forced a man named Nino to leave the city.1 When all seemed as if both had control of…

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