Essay on Use Of Code And Medium Of Language

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Finally there is the mode, which is linked to the textual function. Essentially, the mode is how a text communicates information to the audience (119). Halliday describes the mode as “what part the language is playing, what it is that the participants are expecting language to do for them in that situation” (Halliday and Hasan, 12). Additionally, this entails the form or medium the text is presented in (Schirato and Yell, 119). According to Schirato and Yell, the mode of a language needs to encompass more than just what the language is doing (120). Because language can come in so many forms such as written or spoken, and writing can again be further divided into many forms again such as advertisements, novels, poems and emails to name a few. Schirato and Yell explain that “the concepts of code and medium remind us that texts are material forms as well as mean-making practices” (120).
Henceforth the medium of the text can also provide social cues to the audience. For example a uniformly constructed sonnet with words such as “thy” are more likely to have been written in the distant past rather than the modern day. Additionally a text that reads “OMG gurl U won’t believe wat Cass said 2 me. I can’t even!” is more likely to be sent from a younger person to someone who is a friend rather than an adult to a colleague. This is because the use of text abbreviations is more likely to be used by someone younger and suggest that the discourse is informal. Hence the sender is…

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