Use Of Adaptive Leadership, Tools And Tactics For Changing Your Organization And The World

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Part Five: Mobilize the System
Every person comes to a moment in life in which he or she must take a leap of faith into the unknown trusting blindly in prior preparation and impending provision. Such a feeling of uncertainty precipitates angst and resistance stifling productivity; however, the leap takes challenges leaders to connect with themselves and those whom they lead from their emotional reservoir, through their risks and vulnerabilities. Part Five of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World by Ronald A. Heifetz, Marty Linksy, and Alexander Grashow suggest a series of practices—staying connected to purpose, engaging courageously, inspiring people, running experiments and thriving to engage leaders is deployment. In one of my favorite movies, Scott McKnight (played by Common), struggles with what will happen if an injury to his knee were to end his stellar NBA career. In response to his lament, his physical therapist turned love interest reminds him that “basketball is what you do; it is not who you are”. As I reflect on this advice, I reflect conversely for those who lead with purpose. An adaptive leader is more than what they do; leading change is intrinsically who they are. Their purpose is founded in their leading. It is important that leaders remember that their worth is not measured by title, earnings but rather how you are able to shape experiences that ultimately empower others. This work most…

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