Essay on Urban Development And Development Over Time

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What are some of the key factors which have driven and facilitated urban development over time? Referring to examples from New Zealand and other countries, explain some of the different types of contemporary cities.


Urban development is constantly growing in today’s society due to the world’s population growth and many people are wanting to live in Urban areas opposed to rural areas. In the 30 year period between 2000 and 2030 the UN has estimated that the world population will significantly increase and majority of this increase will occur in urban centres (An introduction to human geography, 2012). This reinforces the idea that the population is preferring to live in urban environments and thus putting pressure on cities in terms of urbanisation and development. There are many key factors which drive urban development, in this essay three key factors which are facilitating urban development will be explored and examined. These are population growth, technology and the rural to urban movement. Contemporary cities from New Zealand and abroad will be explored in terms of the different contemporary cities.

Paragraph 1
• 1st Key Driver: Population growth
• Statement: The ever growing population globally is starting to put pressure on the worlds city areas because people are wanting to live in Urban areas. Urban areas are therefore constantly having to urbanise and expand for this constant growth and demand on urbanised areas.
• Explanation: This is because we…

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