Unnatural Causes Reflection Of The Seven Episode Documentary Series Presented By California Newsreel

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Unnatural Causes Reflection

The seven episode documentary series presented by California Newsreel, Unnatural Causes, uses research along with human stories to describe the ever present social determinants of health that plague American society. This series moves through multiple determinants such as the social gradient, race, social exclusion, as well as many others to impress upon its viewers that our health is intimately associated with the environment (Alderman & Strain, 2008). Furthermore these episodes beg the questions, “What else needs to be done?” and “How has my social and physical environments affected my own health?”. This reflection will analyze my own health and community, assess which social determinates are contributing to the present disparities in my own life, as well as propose strategies to mitigate the effects of these determinants.
The film did a wonderful job of demonstrating what different communities look like but I did not hear nor see a definition of a community. I believe this is because “a community” is a fluid term that has multiple definitions. One can sit in a myriad of communities all at once and each one may look completely different from the other. I define a community as a group of like minded individuals that are connected in some fashion. For example, I am a member of the African American community. In this community we share the common struggles, history, and culture of being black in the US. I am also a member…

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