Is Romeo Justified Essay

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Even though some people might be in the heat of the moment it is never good to let your anger or evilness get the best of you to where you go to the extreme or do the unthinkable. For instance like Romeo who made the decision to assume the personal responsibility for avenging Mercutio's death was justified. But really it was inadequately justified. Since, first it was not Romeo making the decision it was more of his anger getting the best of him and him trying to make sure Mercutio death was for nothing. Secondly if he ever did something to anyone on the opposing family it will only result into more people trying to avenge another person's death. Leading to the family feud spreading more, many dying and a problem in romeos and Juliets relationship. …show more content…
Because even though it might be right to take an eye for an eye at that moment your blind of what it can cause and who it will effect. Because once people think it's okay to take an eye for an eye it just makes them blind in the world. On the same note it can Lead to the family feud spreading more, many dying and a problem in Romeo’s and Juliet’s relationship. Because once he gets revenge on Tybalt or if he dies trying it will only make him a bad husband to juliet. Because he let his anger get the best of him leading to him killing Tybalt or die trying. As evidenced in Scene 3 Act 1 it is notice right away how much harm the damage Romeo did affected the people around him most importantly Juliet who says “O, break, my hear, poor bankrupt, break at once! Meaning her heart is breaking and the heart that was stolen from her from her love is broken. So it was unjustified for Romeo to avenge mercutio's death because at the end it only affected the people around him rather that one

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