'University For Negros In William Jackson's Battle Royal'

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Battle Royal, is the story about an African American, on his graduation day wanted to give a speech. Unexpectedly, he ends up in a ring, blindfolded, to knock out his opponent. Surrounded by white men, an exotic blonde dancer, and whiskies. As he go into his battle, he is unprepared and evidentially he loses. As a participation, in a humiliating action, he earns a small amount of money, thrown at him on the floor. He was not any type of “negro”, he was the type the persevered with his plan in giving his speech, and in a daring act, with insistence, accomplished his discourse, which consisted in “social responsibility.” Subsequently he receives a scholarship to the Negros University (Elliot). Even though it has a happy ending, this story goes …show more content…
The African Americans were separated in schools, business establishments, and even by bathrooms. That explains why he is going to a specific “University for Negros.” The segregation was uniquely sustained by white people. The term “Jim Crow”, was an informal language used to define segregation. The main idea was that, the black people must always be at the lowermost of society. The majority were uneducated. Around about two hundred and fifty years, black lives had been suffering. Many were raped; murdered; enslaved; and battered in merciless ways. These actions towards them, was a demonstration of how the white society was always in control. Black people were not able to vote, or had any type of civil rights. Men of color were exploited, receiving inferior wages and poor work environments (Honey). In this story, “Battle Royale” it can be seen clearly how humiliated the protagonist was, for being a man of color. How white men were carless, mistreating people of color like there were creatures. The Civil Rights Movement (1968), changed their role in society, but somehow did not change racism attitude in people’s mind (Lamos).
This story was written by Elliot Packer, an African American writer who struggled through society because of his color. In the story, the protagonist believes that earning an education will probably make a difference in the society in which he lived. The

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