Universal Sompo General Insurance Case Study

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Universal Sompo General Insurance is one of the biggest partnership ventures in the Indian General Insurance Industry. The venture is between Indian banks those are Allahbad Banks, Karnataka Banks and Indian overseas bank. The Japanese Indo insurance company has its headquarters at Mumbai, and now, the industry is growing rapidly. The company got legal certificate in 2007 and after that the company never looked back and kept on developing. There are about 113 branches and 17 zonal offices across the country of India. It shows their well-connectivity. They have the 24*7 helpline number which can be helpful for solving the queries. The amount figure of the capital is very high. They provide the services according to their customers so this is …show more content…
The owner of the vehicle is also covered up to 1 lakh if any unfortunate event happens while driving or travelling from the vehicle.
Third Party Liability: if the accident caused by the insured vehicle has caused damage to the third party, the loss is covered inside the policy. The minimum damage limit is Rs. 6000 whereas the maximum is Rs. 7.50 Lakhs. The driver should have proper license and papers.
Some great optional Extensions
There are some more extensions which can be availed in Universal Sompo Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan.it includes covering of legal liability for the driver or any workman. The customer can opt for the safety of his drivers and workmen. The extension can be in regard of accessories in which all the accessories of the vehicle is covered in the insurance plan. Just a small extra premium has to be made. Exclusion under the motor plan
While the two-wheeler plan offered by the Universal Sompo company covers most of the things but still every company or every plan has some exclusions. Here is the list of the exclusions under the two-wheeler insurance plans.
• Normal wear and tear of the vehicle due to regular use is not covered in the
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• Damage done for personal benefit or by the personal war is not covered under the plan.
Process of Claiming
The claim process is kept very simple according to the customers point of view. The customers can easily raise and settle their two wheeler insurance claim anytime. Here is the process:
Register: The first thing customer has to do is register themselves. The customer has to provide some basic information on their toll-free number. The online registering option is also there. The required information consist contact details, policy number, date and time of the accident and location also. Apart from these, some more information will also be required. A claim refrence number will be given to the customer and the customer can check the status of the claim anytime on the internet or on the phone.
Sending of vehicle for repairing: As soon as the accident happen, the vehicle needs to be taken at the garage so more damage does not occur. In case of theft or burglary, the customer should file the complaint in police office.
Survey and Claim Settlement: at the last, the customer has to submit a copy of the documents to the garage dealer. Different documents are required for different types of accidents. One can check the list of supported document on their

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