Essay about United Stats V.S India and the Different Electoral Systems

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Despite a total number of forty democracies throughout the world, many countries, such as the United States, have more men employed in higher positions in the political sphere, especially in the legislature. Generally, in worldwide legislatures and democracies, there are not many women present in the legislature, if any at all. However, one democracy that is taking the initiative in empowering women and giving them equal and fair opportunities as men in the political sphere is India. This paper will explore the reason why more women have seats in the Parliament of India as opposed to the Congress of the United States. Also, this paper will establish the difference between a bi-party and a multiparty system of legislature of the United …show more content…
Also, even if women succeed into the largely male ranks, it does not guarantee they will be accorded the same respect and influence by their male counterparts. Regardless of position, female legislators speak less often than male legislators, and this might have something to do with how society perceives women. Although legally they are equal to men, some people in society believe that women are inferior and do not have the intellectual capacity to be in advanced positions of power, and therefore are not accorded to same amount of respect and are not taken as seriously as men are. Therefore, political culture plays an important role because it determines if society is actually interested in promoting equal representation of women in the political sphere.
However, the political culture of India is different in the sense that India traditionally was a patriarchal society, meaning, a society in which men are the "dominant element" in public political affairs. Although the patriarchal society has declined its influence on society, there are still a number of rural communities and villages that practice this. There are laws in India that guarantee women the same legal rights as men. Therefore, India has undergone a radical restructuring of gendered social and political structures of power (Madhok). Similarly in the United States, women in advanced political

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