Essay about United States Vs. Territorial States

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According to Bruce Trigger (2003; 92), “city-states were relatively small polities, each consisting of an urban core surrounded by farmland containing smaller units of settlement. In territorial states a ruler governed a larger region through a multileveled hierarchy of provincial and local administrators in a corresponding hierarchy of administrative centers.” A civilization is far larger than a city state and territorial state in both land and population, it also has a large surplus of food, stratified social ranks, and coerced tribute (otherwise known as taxes). There are differing positions about whether city states or territorial states came first.
The first position is based off of Colin Renfrew’s (1975) early state module. This stated that there were successive stages. City states became territorial states which became civilizations and could potentially lead to empires. This position was also shared by Yoffee (1997). It’s easier to understand this position when there is an understanding of a chiefdom. A chiefdom consists of a fulltime, permanent leader who makes major decisions for the society. Chiefdoms have a ranking system based on kinship to the ruler. City states have a stratified society based on classes (which are ranked by power and wealth of particular individuals or families). The early state module leads to the conclusion that as chiefdoms grew in size and became more agriculturally intensive and in response to this surplus of resources the society began…

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