Essay on United States And The United Kingdom

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The United States and the United Kingdom’s system of choosing the leader of vary greatly in how the processes are done. But if one were to investigate and research further into the systems, one would find the fundamental processes are similar in which they operate with only a few key differences between the two electoral processes. One of the major differences between the United Kingdom and the United States is that in the UK citizens do not directly elect the leader of the country, they simply vote for members of parliament, and the party with the most seats in parliament usually has its leader selected by the Queen as its prime minister. (UK Parliament 2015) The difference between that process and the one present in the United States is that the citizens play a key role in the election procedure in the country. The citizens narrow down there presidential choices through the primary process, and then the winners of the primary square off in a head to head contest for president. (New Hampshire Almanac 2015) Two major factors that come into play when it comes to what candidate will be elected to a governmental position when we examine the electoral system in the United States. Those factors are the dominant party makeup of congress and how much money potential candidates spend on their election campaigns. To understand the monetary situation and how it plays out in deciding which way the election will go, the first step one would have to examine would be the…

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