United States And The Cold War Essay

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United States and Allied Engagement against the Soviets in the Cold War

After the Allies defeated the Axis in World War II, Europe was devastated by the destruction of the War. The United States, and allies, including, Great Britain and France and Union of Soviet Socialist Republic occupied zones in Europe to help rebuild. The Soviets took the East and the Unites States and allies took the West. The Soviets power was a communist regime and they ruled as communist throughout the land they owned in Europe. United States opposed communism and after the War this posed what the United States should do to fight against it. This War also included the scare of a nuclear war. With weapons the Soviets and United States have leftovers from the World War was a powerful threat of the use of nuclear weapons. The United States prepare themselves to oppose the Soviets during the Cold War by trying to have equal power in rebuilding Europe, while staying ahead of them in the nuclear arms race, and preventing the spread communism to more countries.

With the Marshall Plan intact with the United States rebuilding Europe the Soviets took the Western part. Each Germany and Austria both had four occupation zones, three of the allied countries of the United States, Great Britain, and France, and the Soviets take the last one. Berlin, Germany also was split into four occupation zones as well as Vienna, Austria. With the re-occupation of Europe, the Soviet took advantage and re-annexed…

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