Essay about United States And Russia During World War II

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United States and Russia have gone through a series of relationship status dating back to World War ll. The relationship changed for the worst when the Cold War began. The first couple years it had to do more with politics rather than military. Later on military and weapons got involved after nothing was getting solved. Both countries were armed with nuclear weapons at this time period. Russia was under power of Stalin and it was a communist country. America did not want communist to spread, this lasted for many years and still affects the countries today. Therefore, the goal is to find how World War ll, Cold War, and after the Cold War have structured the relationship of the two countries today. World War ll was the last time United States and Russia were on stable ground. “The alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union during World War II developed out of necessity, and out of a shared realization that each country needed the other to defeat one of the most dangerous and destructive forces of the twentieth century.” They had to do everything possible to take at Hitler at that time. Russia got hit hard by Hitler’s outrage and lost a lot of people. “The Soviets had suffered tremendous human and material losses during the war. Approximately 20 million people were killed, thousands of villages, towns, and cities were destroyed.”1 The allies had to work together to defeat Germany and its leader in Hitler. Post World War ll and Cold War era is when the connection…

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