Unit 10 Guide Aat Essay

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Managing systems and people in the accounting environment
Report writing guide for unit 10

Francesca Harper MAAT, recently completed her unit 10 project.

“My biggest recommendation is to set yourself a deadline to complete your project. I did this, based on when I was taking my final AAT exams, and it gave me the drive to not let unit 10 linger. I had to give it one final push. After all, I’d worked so hard over the past two and a half years – why fall at the final hurdle?”

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It may be helpful to find someone who has recently written a report themselves, perhaps as part of their own studies. Remember – it is not the role of your mentor to write the report for you. It needs to be your own work.

Karen Liddle, Payments Services and Work Process Improvement Finance Manager, Procter and Gamble, talking with Rachel Kennedy, AAT student member


How to get started
There are three ways of approaching the project depending on your circumstances:
1. If you manage an accounting function – you can use your own real work experiences to prove your ability to meet the competencies of the accounting standards. 2. If you work in the accounting environment – you can observe, talk to managers and critically analyse their performance to make recommendations that prove that you understand and could meet the required level of competence if given the opportunity. 3. If you are not employed in accounting – you will need to use either a recent occupational or voluntary experience of work in an accounting role as the basis for your project. Alternatively, you can use the AAT simulation (case study). With the simulation, you will observe a scenario, critically analyse it and make recommendations to prove that you understand and can meet the required level of competence if given the opportunity. Whichever option you use, the assessment method is the same and must be made up of: • a 4,000 word report – 10% over or under is acceptable • an

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