Unité D'Habitation, Marseille, France by Le Corbusier. Essay

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Unité d'Habitation, Marseille, France by Le Corbusier.

Subject – History.

By - Kalyani Kharade. Date- /01/2013

Abstract: The report gives a brief overview about the housing project by Le Corbusier. Unité d'Habitation designed by Le Corbusier introduced the concept of “ vertical garden city”. It was designed to rehouse the victims of the destroyed neighborhoods of the city. It was the first opportunity to implement Corbusier's theories, to a scale that would lead to Modulor.

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 The proposed housing units is made up of Marseille architectural unit that houses 1600 people, where the apartments are suited to individuals or towns.
 The building is an enormous construction 140 meters long, 24 meters wide and 56 meters high, and provided an internal operation of more than 26 separate services. Each floor contains 58 duplex apartments accessible from a wide corridor every three domestic plants, "streets in the air." Some apartments occupy the floor of the corridor and the lower the other corridor and higher.
 Inside the building, the 337 apartments are crossed each other in the vast network of reinforced concrete. A half height, a two-storey shopping area extends along the 135m of the building, which also had rooms, a restaurant, a hotel, laundry and other services delivered. VIEWS:


 The set is based on a single block built on stilts free, allowing the soil to release any garden and leisure, with its reinforced concrete structure, similar to a shelf.

 On these piles, the building was designed in a way that allows large permeability at ground level, the level of the earth as a function of communication between the exterior and interior, with access to the communications vertical.

 The cross section shown as two apartments with galleries are so intertwined that there is a central access

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