Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

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Register to read the introduction… Let's look at the crisp market in the UK.
For many years you could only buy standard crisps or very cheap ones, mostly made by the supermarkets under their own brand.
Then "Walkers" came out with their 'Sensations' range of crisps, which are a high quality product in high quality packaging. They have developed new, exciting and exotic flavours and now these have been become extremely successful. The price is at least 50% higher than the market average price.
Consumers have seen the new product as "best in class" and "Sensations Crisps" have become a market leader. The price indicates high quality and consumers are prepared to pay for it.
Offering a best in class customer
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All markets should be able to have a high quality product. You need to ascertain the market demand for such an item before launching it into the market place. One example of this might be that there appears to be very little demand right now for a premium quality short haul airline. Most people simply want to get from A to B for as little as possible.
You DO need to make your service offering stand out and to clearly explain why customers should buy your products and service over everyone else's in your market.
Marketing excellence
We'll cover marketing in brief here and we'll be sending you free ways to market your business, along with an in-depth look at other dynamics relating to marketing, in our newsletters.
Marketing in its simplistic form is identifying and satisfying customer needs at a profit.
"Marketing Communications" is a by-product of this analysis and refers to how you tell people about your business and

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