Unique Experiences and Perspectives Which Contribute to the Program

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to the program. How will your background enhance and broaden your learning and that of your classmates in Schulich’s dynamic environment?
I am an Asian-American woman living and working in the global city of New York. Growing up in an international city allowed me to become a multicultural individual and develop into a young woman different from my counterparts in Asia and here in the United States as well. I was taught by my parents not only the values of a Chinese culture but also to strive to enhance my strengths and to go forth and establish a successful career in business while always relating back to my Chinese roots. These values of diligence, perseverance and selflessness influence my everyday work and personal life.
During my
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In order to differentiate myself from this stereotype, I have always tried to be outspoken although it can be difficult and intimidating for me. I’ve learned that relationship management and networking are extremely important in the business world and in order to achieve my goals, I cannot be quiet and reserved but rather outgoing and assertive.
What I bring to the table at my current job and what I would bring to Schulich is a multi-cultural mindset from a female perspective. In the world of marketing, the focus is always on selling to your target market. As someone who can relate to numerous target markets, I can offer numerous perspectives as opposed to my counterparts elsewhere. The strengths I’ve taken from all aspects of my background – from being Chinese, being American, and being a woman- are all reflected in my work ethic and are deeply embedded in my sense of self.
In all aspects of my life, I always offer a different perspective than those of my friends and colleagues. It is this that makes me unique in the way that I approach business. I believe that it is my background and cultural differences that allows me to think differently than others. It also allows me to develop my own distinctive combination of strengths that are not found elsewhere

My mottos are 'Charaibeti' (Sanskrit for 'keep on moving') and 'Nihil Ultra' (Latin for 'nothing beyond'). Denying limitations and staying open to opportunities have led me to diverse experiences:

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