Unintended Consequences Of The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act entails several key moving parts of what it does for the American people in health care and costs. Many unintended consequences do occur from what the ACA provides in its lengthy document. Each section of the Affordable Care Act has specific sections and it’s imperative to examine each section to see the unintended consequences of the policy that may be the future. It’s hard to narrow it down to one topic to focus, which is why it’s worth mentioning some topics of unintended consequences of the ACA. There are many benefits and downfalls to the ACA which numerous Americans are not in favor of. Health care is ever-changing and growing for sustainable health and affordable costs. Certain sections of the ACA are the cause …show more content…
The issue surrounding for people who don’t obtain health care coverage from their employer is unnerving for employees. Not all insurance premiums are steep when they increase each year, but it is another unintended consequence of the ACA. For instance, it is difficult to make direct comparisons between premiums today and premiums under the Affordable Care Act because the law raises standards for insurance, making it much more comprehensive and meaningful, (The Unintended Consequences of Obama care, 2013). People don’t want to go through several cost changes and especially if it’s hefty cost for health insurance. In the ACA, the section labeled “Title I. Quality Affordable health care for all Americans”, (HHS, 2015). The details of the sections entail of employees of going about in receiving health care from employer or buying insurance themselves. Employees are in need of obtaining health care and the comparisons between employers and buying health insurance from Obama Care is troubling when costs are the major indicator of health. My employer offers health insurance to his employees and the only type available is Aetna when $250-$400 dollars comes out of employees pay check each month. Then, there is the Obama Care if employees are relatively healthy want to choose their own with a cheaper insurance

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