Unhealthy Food Industry Essay

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The Food Industry and an Unhealthy America

There’s been a growing trend to eat healthier in America. However, almost everyone consumes some fast food or processed food products. While there is more than one answer as to how we got this unhealthy, the companies in charge of our food are probably not as trustworthy as you think. By persuading public opinion, disregarding health concerns, and deceiving consumers, the corporations responsible for the food we eat have rigged the system in a way that is designed to force Americans to make unhealthy and uninformed choices.

While examining the impact food companies have on research, Marion Nestle, a nutrition scholar, found that out of 76 studies, over 90 percent of them were “favorable to the
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The reality is that livestock who have had “free range” only needed to be outdoors for a minimum of 5 minutes a day (AsapSCIENCE). Regardless of whether people agree with letting livestock have “free range”, the regulations on the term are ludicrous. Letting animals outside for five minutes means nothing if their living conditions indoors are unacceptable. Because the requirements needed to put “free range” on the product are insignificant, they are probably not treating the animals as kind as they should be. When consumers choose to buy a product, they are directly supporting the company with their dollar. So when people buy products in which livestock was not treated properly, regardless of whether they actually agree with it or not, consumers are indirectly encouraging the practices companies are using. However, using “free range” is a situation where the label is insinuating one thing and really means another. People are being manipulated into supporting these practices. Food companies take advantage of the fact that most Americans will not question the label to get away with it. The industry has tremendous power over how their products appear in the public eye. These uninformed consumers will continue to be uninformed because the industry has no intention to make themselves look bad. By betting on the fact most …show more content…
CCF describes itself as “devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices” (“About Us”). However, being funded by companies like Wendy’s or Tyson Foods and with a history of lobbying in favor of those same companies, the legitimacy of “Consumer Freedom” should be put into question (Mayer and Joyce). If their purpose is to protect consumers to let them live how they want, what would make any consumer believe CCF would do or say anything that would hurt the sponsors that are supporting them. If anything negative or scandalous about those companies would surface, an organization with the phrase “Consumer Freedom” should definitely attempt to advise the public about such a thing. But as a result of being supported by companies who work in the same field as the organization that claims to be monitoring it, any news that would negatively affect them is likely to never see the light of day. As an organization who portrays themselves as an independent group to promote consumer-choice, a closer look reveals they are lobbying for the exact opposite intentionally. They have tons of money and lobbying power from their sponsors, and they have lobbied on behalf of industries such as fast food, meat, and tobacco (Mayer and

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