Unhealthy Food Case Study

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The New Zealand government should establish a tax on all unhealthy food and beverages
If you were to walk down the street right at this moment and look around, what would you see? You would most likely see street signs, animals, buildings and people. However if you were to look specifically at the people you would most likely find that not many people are in good shape, they are either overweight or obese. According to the world health organization, obesity worldwide has doubled since 1980 and in 2014 it was recorded that 1.9billion adults were obese. Thirty-nine percent of the adults were overweight and thirteen percent were obese. In 2013 it was recorded that 42 million children under the age of five were either overweight or obese. Unfortunately,
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If we choose to overindulge in unhealthy foods that make us obese and become type two diabetic we need medical attention as we are sick and unhealthy. This will increase the medical costs as obesity and other health problems that have been caused by eating an unhealthy diet will progressively increase and the more people that are getting sick the more that the health sector has to put into treating these people who are obese and diabetic due to poor eating habits. According to…. Therefore less money is being spent on more important things such as cancer treatment and cancer research which should be a priority. These people that are obese and diabetic are clogging up the health system as there are only a limited number of doctors, nurses and surgeons and limited space and hospital beds available in hospitals. This means that people who aren’t obese or diabetic are unable to get treated or treated as quickly as the nurses, doctors and surgeons are unable to see all of their patients. This could mean that these patients may die…. Or get sicker?...... Because unhealthy food is causing more and more people to get health problems more people are becoming too somnolent or sick to be able to attend their jobs this causes……. This also affects the employees as their businesses aren’t functioning efficiently as fewer people are working for their businesses, therefore, the businesses’ productivity will …show more content…
According to the food industry Asia they state they state that junk food won’t have any effect on society. They support their point by using research from…. ……..Saying that “the proof of the pudding: Denmark’s fat tax fiasco highlights how the imposition of fat taxes in Denmark in 2011 had not been an effective deterrent to obesity”. They then discuss the statistics stating that “it found that 80% of Danes did not change their shopping habits despite their increase in prices”. This suggests that putting a tax on junk food won’t be very popular and will not have an effect on the obesity rate which will mean that if the government taxed junk food, it will only regress. This is because a lot of people out there still enjoy those foods or have an addiction to junk food so they will continue to consume those foods and especially the people who are on lower incomes because junk food has always been sold at such a cheap price, these people have been only eating junk food as it’s all they could afford, so therefore they are grow an addiction to eating these foods and the people on lower socio economic groups will therefore spend a higher percentage of their income on junk food to get their fix. This will affect the economy as it will mean that the kids of or other family members in these lower socio economic families will have to go without more because a

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