Unhealthy Food At Schools : How The Government Is Helping Essay

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Unhealthy Food at Schools: How the Government Is Helping Nearly one in three children in our country is overweight or obese. These are many of the reasons why our schools changed the food they serve to children at school. Children spend most of their day at school so it would be logical to improve the foods children eat at school. The Healthy, Hunger Free Act on 2010 should be passed because it ensures access to healthy food and promotes overall wellness by providing food for more children and improving the nutrition of the foods served at schools. The Act takes several steps to end childhood obesity, and makes school foods more nutritious, and helps end childhood hunger. The Healthy, Hunger Free Act authorizes funding for schools meals and child nutrition programs, and increases access to healthy foods for low-income children. The proposal’s intentions are to improve the health of the Nation’s children, increase the consumption of healthy foods during the school day and, create an environment that emphasizes the development of healthy eating habits. The proposal specifies that the nutrition standards shall apply to all foods sold outside the school meal programs, on the school campus, and anytime during the school day. All foods and beverages sold at school include a la carte, in school stores, snack bars, and vending machines. The general requirements for foods sold at schools include one of the following: be either a fruit, vegetable, a dairy product, a protein food…

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