Unemployment : A Social And Economical Danger For The Society

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Tens of millions of people in the world are unemployed nowadays, this can be seen as a social and economical danger for the society. According to the ILO, International Labour Organisation, the world will have more than 212 millions of unemployed person in 2019. It is a threat for the individual but also for the country which need to deal with this phenomenon in order to avoid the detrimental consequences. First of all we need to define the unemployment, according to the ILO, the International Labour Organisation, an unemployed person is someone who is more than 15 years old (the working age), this person need to be jobless, be available within 15 days and finally the last condition is that she needs to be actively seeking for a job. Unemployment is a difficult and complex phenomenon which tends to grow in our societies. We are going to see how the unemployment have lots of consequences on different scales.

Today, it is particularly difficult to define unemployment, it can be divided within several sub-sections. We find the cyclical, structural and frictional unemployment. The unemployment rate usually increases and decreases in step with the economic growth and the production, this is the cyclical unemployment. The structural unemployment is a category of unemployment arising from the mismatch between the jobs available in the market and the skills of the available workers in the market. Finally, the frictional unemployment can be seen as a natural unemployment, it is…

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