Understanding Vpn's Essay

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Understanding Virtual Private Networks

Understanding Virtual Private Networks In today’s fast paced world, it is not uncommon for people to access sensitive digital data from a network other than the network where the sensitive data is natively stored and maintained. Whether it is employees trying to access corporate data from outside of the office, or customers accessing data from a company’s database, the need to access data from outside of the data’s native network has become a requirement in today’s society. Although there is more than one way to access remote data, the most common technology used is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A virtual private network is a way to establish a private network connection over a
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The expense of a leased line may also be more expensive than a VPN solution, but for the characteristics mentioned, the service is well worth the expense. It is not uncommon for companies to use a leased line for site-to-site connection. I will explain what site-to-site is a little bit later. If security and mobile access to a remote private network is a requirement, then VPN is the solution. Although leased lines have their benefit, one thing they do not emphasize is security and quick efficient access to a private network remotely (Source 2). Often times, employees and customer require access to a database located on a private network and they do not have the luxury of accessing that database from a network that has a leased connection to the private network established. Implementation of a VPN connection to/from mobile remote sites is much more inexpensive than establishing individual, dedicated leased connection.
Now that we understand the basis of what a VPN is, let’s discuss some of the network infrastructures that VPN’s are commonly deployed as: site to site, and remote access. Following the explanation of these two infrastructures, we will begin getting into how the VPN between two locations is established. Site-to-site VPN implementations is a very easy concept to understand, but should still be given its fair amount of attention when planning to be used. As the name entails, a site-to-site

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