Understanding The Electronic Health Record And Its Impact On The Healthcare System

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Understanding the Electronic Health Record and
Its Impact on the Healthcare System
Health information management (HIM) professionals are the main ones responsible for managing health records. In traditional healthcare practices, health records are collected and stored in paper file folders. These records are maintained in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. Technological advances have improved the paper based health record management systems. These systems are being replaced with electronic health records, and legislation is being implemented to encourage the use of electronic health record (EHR) systems (Sayles, 2014). The continued improvements made through the use of electronic health records will continue to impact our society well into the future.
The Use of Electronic Health Records
Patients you have a right to see their health records. The accessibility of these records can be affected by their age, types of records kept, and by the healthcare provider’s policies. Recently, I attempted to get a physical copy of my childhood health records. I was treated by United States Army healthcare professionals, and all records were maintained by the United States Army. In 2004, my health records were retired to one of two national record warehouses. I was informed that they were moved to Washington, D.C. or to Virginia. This discovery made obtaining these records even more difficult. Additional forms were required, and a minimum two week…

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