Single Parent Families Article Analysis

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Introduction This paper evaluates resources using three pieces of literature. All three literature works are on the topic of single parent families. It focuses on the emotional, physical, and mental effects between single parents and their children. The first evaluation is an article from a website. The title is “Single-parent families” and has no author. The second evaluation is on a magazine article, “Understanding Single Parent Families” by Kirsten Schuder from Lifestyle magazine. The final evaluation is on a peer-reviewed scholarly journal article. The title is “Employment, Work Conditions, and the Home Environment in Single-Mother Families” by Christy Lleras. I will evaluate each of these resources following specific guidelines. The guidelines serve as a tool in evaluating resources to determine information that is reliable, credible, and reputable.
Website Critique
Content & Coverage The article “Single-parent families” published in the Encyclopedia of Children’s Health is intended for the general population. It provides much information on statistics on different family types in the U.S., but does not go into further detail. The information provided is very general. Because the source is a collection of various resources and provides commentary on primary sources it is considered secondary in nature. A list of resources is provided,
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Since the author does not gather her own information I would say it is secondary information. Rather then providing detailed information, the author covers a variety of information on single parenting in a broad scope. For example, she gives broad overviews about finances and poverty, stress, widowed and divorced, and challenges children face (Schuder, 2014). Links to other reputable sources are provided throughout the article. However, there is no bibliography or list of cited references (Schuder,

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