Understanding Andrea Yates And The Murder Essays

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Understanding Andrea Yates and The Murder Abnormal psychology is defined as the branch of psychology that studies the unusual patterns of behavior, emotion, and thought, which may or may not led to a precipitated mental disorder. Andrea Yates is an excellent example of this definition because her abnormal behavior leads her to consciously drown all five of her children. When Yates was arrested, she was sentenced to life in prison, but later declared not guilty by reason of insanity. There are many factor that can contribute to what caused her to commit such a horrible crime, such as the individuals past experiences, environmental aspects that were of influence or unknown medical condition. Although Andrea Yates seemed like any ordinary individual, the reason behind her actions must have been evidently senseless and are clearly seen as abnormal. Andrea Yates was a very intelligent student and valedictorian of her class during her high school years. She was interested in the swimming club and had a small group of friends who described her as “prickly.” Andrea was said to keep to her self most of the times and “minded her own business and she expected others to mine their own” (Roche, 2002) With this type of distance at such young age, it is clear that she was about to experience or on the process of becoming ill. Most teenagers tend to focus on making social connections and enjoy their young adult-hood, but Andrea Yates was not interested in any of that, her distance and…

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