Case Study Of Aileen's Crimes

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did not keep away from the life of crime, starting fights and even going to jail for them. It ended when she attacked him with his own cane, which led to the annulment of their marriage after only nine weeks together. Her next relationship was to a woman called Tyria Moore, a hotel maid, at a gay bar. While they moved in together, they both decided to step up and spice up their relationship.
At first Aileens crimes were small, it started out from DUIS, disorderly conduct, and firing a pistol from a moving vehicle. It wasn 't till May, 1981 where she was arrested for armed robbery of a convenience store where $35 and two packs of cigarettes were taken. Then it was trying to pass forged checks at banks and suspension of theft of a revolver
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Still even after knowing this she was sentenced to death. While she did admit that only one fully raped her, that the others started, which is why she attacked. Was it that one of her personalities took over without her knowing and she became aware only seconds afterwards? It 's hard for a person to know that another personality has taken over, even harder to convince the personality to merge with the original personality, at this point, maybe Aileen fully thought that she was being raped after giving consent. It will be the only way for her to fully remember what she did as her other self took over, without them merging, there is no way for her to remember. Either way, she was executed, strongly believing the men who she killed raped her and was used and badly painted by society in a negative way for stories and movies. She said she would be back right before she died and was the second woman executed in …show more content…
It is not shocking for a child to make up multiple personality, if they do happen, it is hard for that person to even know that they have another self. In this case, it might be why she strongly believed that she was raped when in reality she was and was not because of the conset her other self gave. Aileen was trapped the moment she was born, the causes of abuse, short ties, and a unhealthy lifestyle surrounded with not so good people, caused her to fall even more down the rabbit hole, until she could no longer tell what is up and what is down. It caused her to kill and kill and commit as many crimes as possible until her last

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