Under the Black Flag Essay

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Cordingly, David. Under The Black Flag: The Romance And The Reality Of Life Among The Pirates. Harcourt, Inc.: Orlando, FL, 1997.
Part 1: Summary The point of this book was to put aside the myths about pirates and replace them with facts. There are many fictional myths about pirates and their lives on the sea. Many books and movies have built pirates up to be romantical heroes instead of the ruthless savages they were, so this book focuses on separating fact from fiction about life as a pirate. Many plays and books such as Peter Pan, Treasure Island, and many others have used pirates as characters for many years. Many of us grew up watching pirates on television, but most of the time in pursuit of entertainment the truth is
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To me this sentence just about sums up how pirates felt about living life and obeying authority. From this book I gathered that pirates were usually rebellious seamen who turned to violence and thievery. Another reason I liked this book is because it addressed a lot of topics not normally addressed in books about pirates. One such topic is homosexuality between pirates. In my opinion, I can not imagine pirates being anything other than womanizing men, and I do not think homosexuality was an issue with them. Although there are some strong arguments for this, and it is very possible this could have been happening on the long voyages in which there were no women around. Also another topic people are sometimes scared to mention, but that I find very interesting, is torture. Pirates were not scared to go to the far extremes to get whatever they wanted. They also had plenty of time to inflict long torture on their enemies. Sometimes a person’s punishment could last up to three or four days. These cruel punishments involved anything from baking people on rocks to splitting them open and pulling out their insides. Even though the pirates were cruel and notorious, the authorities were not much better. Pirates were not always given fair treatment, in my opinion. Sometimes they were hung without even a fair trial. All the

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