Ultimate Destruction Brave New World Analysis

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Mrs. Burrows
ENG 4U-41
Chelsea Poshni
Wednesday July 29th 2015

Ultimate Destruction of the Brave New World In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley tries to input the belief that every single invention or improvement is for the betterment of mankind and is only an instrument for ultimate destruction. “We are,” he said, “on the horns of an ethical dilemma and to find the middle way will require all out intelligence and all out good will.” Not only in the book, but in real life aswell, one can see that this belief is true. The first example in the book is the way in which babies are “born.” The intense fertilizing, decanting, and conditioning processes is directly used to produce and control the 5 groups of people in society.
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The general use and abuse of tools such as the internet is one piece of evidence. The amount of knowledge and information that is found there is rendered all but useless for the majority of people use the internet as those in Brave New World would have, for simple pleasure. Pornography, violence and other such things actually pollute the good that the internet can bring us. The overuse of the internet as a communicative tool is harmful to us. Yes, it is a great thing that anyone from anywhere can meet someone from some other place at the click of a little button, but the internet has taken away much of the personal contact that makes talking and other forms of communication so …show more content…
One can see evidence supporting that claim not only in Huxley’s dystopian novel, but also in today’s society. Such things as baby hatching, infant conditioning, and the widespread use of soma in the book rendered everyone in that society an infant no matter how old they were. Today, we can see such destructive tendencies and patterns in the internet, the modern field of medicine, and biotechnology. The ethical dilemma that Huxley mentions is that of taking away some of the pleasures we have now to produce a greater, more lasting happiness in the

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