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Some of the differences between the UCC laws and traditional law of contracts are as follow: --The UCC does not control the contracts between companies and the traditional law does, UCC only controls the sale of goods. The traditional laws are standards that have been set different types of judges over the years that have been formed into a law. UCC laws and regulation are not set by judges if not by the government in which many of the states are starting to adopt. They are different in the aspect that when a lawsuit is brought in front of a judge or court they have to determine which law to apply to the case. Common law refers to many different type of laws that have been set and UCC only refers to one of them and that is the sale
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Merchantability = This would be were the seller of a product makes sure that the good that they are selling is its best shape to sell, and makes sure is in high quality before selling. An example of this would be a shampoo merchant making sure that the shampoo has the best quality.

3. I do believe that Lanci should be able to void the contract since she did not have the correct documentation to make the necessary arrangement to accept her offer. The Parole evidence rule can be applied in this case since the party cannot change the amount of that correspond to Lanci.

4. All of the different cases such as, Wachter vs Dexter & Chaney, Gunning & Small Feast Caterers, and Brandt vs Boston Scientific Corp, Article 2 of the UCC law can be seeing in this three cases. The reason would be that all of these cases were providing a type of good in which the buyer was not satisfied with the product. Since all of these cases were about products and not services the UCC law could be applied.

5. For the GE appliance vs the Apartment complex I see that the law that could be applied would have to be the Merchantability Law which GE is responsible for. They need to provide the goods that was promise to the apartment complex. The mathematical error can be fixed but the good need to be

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