Russian Civil War Research Paper

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Both the USSR and the U.S. did not trust each other, this lead to prior tension waiting for a catalyst. The USSR mistrusted the U.S. as the U.S. helped in the Russian civil war, the western countries did not invite the USSR to the League of Nations or the Munich conference. The U.S. did not trust the USSR due to the creation of ComIntern, and the USSR negotiating with Hitler. During the Russian Civil war the U.S. along with Britain and France helped the White army during the Russian Civil war to fight off the communist Bolsheviks. The U.S. and other western countries did not invite the USSR to the League of Nations, a council of many governments that discussed world problems. The USSR was also not invited to the World War One peace talks. A …show more content…
This caused not only mistrust by the U.S. but also mistrust from Britain. The USSR also caused mistrust, though negotiating with Hitler. After Germany, led by Hitler, invaded Poland the USSR and Hitler negotiated to annex Poland between them. The USSR did not trust the U.S as the U.S. helped the White army in the Russian Civil War, and did not invite the USSR to the League of Nations nor the Munich Conference. The U.S. did not trust the USSR as the USSR due to the creation of an organisation to spread communism throughout the world, and the USSR negotiating with Hitler.

The mistrust between the USSR and the U.S. continued and escalated at the two allied war conferences. At the Yalta Germany was split up and made to pay reparations. Then at the Potsdam conference further decisions were made against Germany. Both conferences contributed to further mistrust. At the Yalta allied war conference in February 1945 the leaders of the big three were there, Britain, America and the
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The U.S. believed that the USSR was attempting to cause all of Eastern Europe to become communist because of this America stopped providing aid to the USSR. Stalin then invited all non-communist leaders from Poland and then replaced them with communists after imprisoning the leaders. Stalin then expanded his control with satellite countries becoming part of the Soviet Bloc . The Iron Curtain was then put up as by the USSR to separate them self from the other countries in Europe . This lead to the Truman Doctrine in 1947. The Truman Doctrine was the U.S. giving four hundred million us dollars in aid to Greece and Turkey. They also provided weapons and some military officers, but no soldiers as not to start a war. This then lead to the Marshall Plan. This was twelve and a half billion dollars in aid offered to European countries, however the USSR and their satellite countries. It was “directed not against any country or doctrine but against, hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos.” But it served the purpose of gaining support from surrounding countries, providing a buffer from the communists to the meditterian, it also helped keep open the dardenels that provided goods for many countries. However the implementation of the Truman Doctrine and The Marshall Plan caused mistrust by the USSR. Following this Britain and the U.S. combined their zones

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