U.s. Obama 's 2008 Presidential Campaign Essay

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The case study regarding Barack Obama´s 2008 Presidential Campaign by Ryan and Jones created in 2009, showed how Obama´s campaign needed to reach out to voters in 15 critical swing states. The campaign turned to Pontiflex for a cost-effective way to collect different contact information of interested voters and potential campaign donors. However, the case study does not explain anything about what or who “Pontiflex” is. By finding information online, Pontiflex is a mobile advertising company, with its base is in Brooklyn, NY. This company uses “Signup Ads” that enables businesses to get contact information of people that are interested in their products and offers (Pontiflex, 2015).
This case study starts with introducing the campaign budget, $137,000, on an interactive cost per lead display advertisement with Pontiflex over a six-week period. This is good, since it gives the readers an overview on how much money a Presidential Campaign can cost, but it is important to know that it is just for the 15 swing states. On the other hand, the total cost of the campaign is not presented in this case study. It was published that Obama raised a total of $745 million entirely in private contributions, for his presidential campaign (Cole, 2011). In comparison, the budget that Pontiflex got for Obama’s campaign for the 15 swing states is relatively small.
To determine the outcome of this election, the target audience was the crucial voters of those 15 swing states. The…

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