Campaign Spending Problem

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Is it possible to buy a seat in the oval office? Well money is power, even in politics. Campaign spending has increased dramatically in recent elections, especially in presidential primaries and into the presidential race. American politics has shifted from worrying about their constituents to now, only worrying about what large donors and super PACs want or need. A considerable reason for this is because without a hefty amount of campaign donations, you can never make it to Washington. Campaign spending is a problem that needs to be fixed before the next election cycle. There are ways to reduce campaign spending that are simply and easy, that will also increase the involvement in our democracy.
Campaign spending is the cause of a lot of problems that are plaguing the United States. A problem it caused is politicians paying less attention to their constituents and more attention to the large donors and super PACs. Since the cost of running a campaign is so high, candidates must rely on large donations to get elected. This is terrible for our democracy because it takes the power away from the people and gives it to a small group of people who make decisions based on their needs, not the needs of the people. Another problem campaign spending has caused is dampening economic growth. “The primary way that campaign contributions and
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Not only will these solutions help increase participation in the American democracy; it will cause an increase in patriotism, which will increase bipartisanship. A solution to this problem is something that both parties can support and encourage. No longer will we see politicians being elected strictly because of large donors with self-interests. Lets give the greatest country in the world back to the people instead of large donors and

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