U.s. Military War On Iraq Essay example

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Soldiers in the U.S. military can be separated into two specific categories. First are conventional armed forces that are used to fight an opposing nation’s military. Two examples would be U.S. conventional forces fighting the Iraqi Army in both the Gulf War in 1990 and the early stage of the War on Iraq in 2003. The second category is Special Operations Forces or SOF who are used to fight an unconventional enemy such as insurgencies. Some examples would be SOF battling insurgent groups in the Afghanistan War in 2001 and the War in Iraq during 2003 after Saddam was removed from power when the U.S. was fighting insurgencies. Also, both conventional forces and SOF can be used in conventional or unconventional warfare. Therefore, how does the U.S. military effectively adapt and respond to the ever-changing threat of insurgencies? As a result, this essay argues that the global insurgency America is fighting today has led the U.S. military to shift from conventional war fighting forces in favor of highly mobile Special Operations Forces. The tactics America’s military uses to fight foreign enemies have changed from the Gulf War where the U.S. was able to target an identifiable enemy up to the U.S. fighting al-Qaeda and the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL in the Middle East. The War in Afghanistan, the Gulf War and the Iraq War help show how the U.S. military has been forced to change tactics due to America fighting a completely different enemy. Radical insurgencies that face the…

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