U.s. Democracy And Democracy Essay

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The U.S Democracy For many years now, the United States has been touted as the most democratic nation given its powerful capacity to convince the world of the same (Craggs, para. 3). Voting in the United States has been the best way for citizens to exercise democracy (Krutz 13). Nonetheless, like-minded political experts with divergent views on the U.S democracy have frequently argued that the United States is not democratic as often thought given the way the democracy and governance works (Craggs, para. 3). In their opinion, many of these experts have frequently argued that several institutional changes are needed in the United States to improve how democracy and governance works (Craggs, para. 3). While discussing ways through which the United States can improve its democracy, Azari and Malone (para. 2), of the Five-Thirty-Eight Political Podcast, proposed change for redistricting, campaign finance, primaries, the Electoral College or campaign duration as some of the effective ways of enhancing the U.S democracy. This essay endorses changes in Campaign Finance and Electoral College as the best solutions.
Since history, the Americans have always been assured of their democratic participation in the national governance through the voting rights (Krutz 13). Notably, it is the most reasonable way that citizen participation on Federal, State and Local leadership has been assured (Krutz 13). Campaign Finance in the United States stands for the process associated with the…

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