U.s. Companies Aided The Holocaust Essay

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How U.S. Companies Aided the Holocaust
What the history never heard about is usually the most outrageous and makes for a compelling of stories. History is always written by the victor, and sometimes they don’t always share all the details. It may be troubling to discover just how many of these tools came from the United States. US companies contributed to the Holocaust by impeding America’s entry into WWII, gearing Hitler for battle, controlling the media, using slave labor from concentration camps, and identifying Nazi enemies with IBM technology.
This company is important to remember because the Nazis used them to expedite the Holocaust and give them a foothold in the U.S, “I.G. Farben international holdings along with its international business contracts with companies like Standard Oil, DuPont, Alcoa, and Dow Chemical were crucial in supplying the Nazi regime with the materials needed for war as well as financial support,” (American supporters). American holdings by I.G. included: Bayer Co., General Aniline Works, Agfa Ansco, and Winthrop Chemical Co, (Sutton). The success of Hitler’s mission could not have been possible without I.G. Farben.
The Treaty of Versailles after WWI required Germany to pay for all war damages, including Britain and France. Since they could not afford to pay such damages, estimating at about $442 billion today, (“Inflation Calculator”), most of the money was borrowed. 70% of all the money Germany paid to Britain and France was…

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