U.s. And China On North Korea Essay

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U.S. And China Need To Get Involved With North Korea
“There is a different future that is available to North Korea, if they choose differently.”-Mitchell Reiss. North Korea is currently an extremely poor and weak country, as it continues to struggle economically and shows aggression towards its own people. Not only does North Korea not have enough money to feed their own people, but with the money they do manage to come up with, they decide to use on building and testing nuclear weapons. Back in September of 2005, North Korea had made an agreement with Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States to disarm its nuclear weapons in return for the five states to work to strengthen the economy in Pyongyang (Davenport 25). This was followed by North Korea destroying the reactor’s cooling tower used to produce plutonium in 2008. Since destroying the cooling tower in 2008, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and have restarted another reactor cooling tower that produces plutonium. Things seemed to be quiet for a while for North Korea until January 6 of 2016, outsiders had recorded a magnitude 5 earthquake as a result of the aftershock of a successful hydrogen bomb test allegedly produced by North Korea. With three nuclear warfare tests under their belt, a fourth nuclear test is suspected as well. Many experts doubt that North Korea had actually tested a hydrogen bomb, seeing that “even a failed detonation of an H-bomb would be more powerful” (“Another Bombshell; North…

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