Essay on Types Of Therapy For Binge Eating Disorder

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Binge eating disorder is a treatable disorder. The basic goals for a successful outcome are to decrease and stop bingeing episodes, attain and maintain a healthy weight, treat any co-existing psychiatric disorders, and correct any self-defeating thoughts, feelings, behaviors or situations that may trigger a binge (National Association). It can be successfully treated in therapy says Smith. There are several types of therapy for binge eating disorder according to Smith. Interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on the relationship problems and interpersonal issues that contribute to compulsive eating. A therapist will help one improve his or her communication skills and develop healthier relationships with one’s family members and friends. As one learns how to relate better to others and get the emotional support one needs the compulsion to binge becomes more infrequent and easier to resist (Smith). Dialectical behavior therapy combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness meditation. The emphasis of therapy is on teaching binge eaters how to accept themselves, tolerate stress better, and regulate their emotions. A therapist will also address unhealthy attitudes one may have about eating, shape, and weight. Dialectical behavior therapy typically includes both individual treatment sessions and weekly group therapy sessions (Smith). Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on the dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors involved in binge eating. One of the main goals is for one…

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