Types Of Rocks That Build The Earth 's Crust Essay

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The rock is made up of a collection of one or more minerals specific chemical composition and specific structure. The study of all kinds of rocks that build the Earth 's crust has been found that in rocks located just 100-150 species of minerals that build them, though, revealed more than 3000 kinds of natural minerals on Earth. The science that deals with the study of rocks is called petrology. The science that deals with describing the wall called petrography. Crushing rocks it 's receives the stones and dust. Do crushing may vary due to weather conditions, erosion or artificially - explosives or machinery.
Types of rocks according on count of minerals:
Monomineralic, which are constructed only of one mineral
Polymineral, which are constructed of a number of mineral species.
According to their origin, they are divided into:
- Depths (granite, syenite, diorite, gabbro, peridotite) - Pouring (rhyolite, trachyte, dacite, andesite, basalt)
Igneous rocks are formed of cooled magma. Also known as “fire rock”. These type of rock are the most common type of rock in the Earth’s surface. Igneous rocks are also very important because their chemical and mineral makeup could be used to learn about the composition, temperature and pressure that exists within the Earth’s mantle. There are over 700 types of igneous rock, some are also formed on the surface as a result of volcanic activity. There are intrusive, extrusive and hypabyssal igneous rocks. Igneous rocks are…

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