Type II Diabetes : An Evolving Prevalence Globally Essay examples

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Type II diabetes is an evolving prevalence globally, implicating not only predominately obese middle age adults but also now adolescents and children ranging from 6-15 years of age. Diabetes main relationship corresponds with the rising incidence of obesity from repeated exposure to diminished recreational activity, genetics and insulin resistance combines to create high-risk individuals presented with advanced, uncontrolled diagnosis needing long-term modifications (Copeland, Becker, Gottschalk & Hale, 2005). Children and adolescents fitting into this accelerated category represent 20-25% of new diagnosis needing both psychologically and physical monitoring for compliance and treatment effectiveness. Although type II diabetes is relatively new territory for children, available preventative strategies are still in their infancy (Alberti et al, 2004). Multidisciplinary healthcare specialized teams are uniquely qualified to organize treatment regimens for maximal effectiveness and efficiency in patient outcomes, especially with initial new cases presented in advanced hyperglycemic states needing immediate lifestyle changes. Estimated costs alone in 2007 were $174 billion and climbing to affect over 20.8 million people, or 7% of the population of which 176, 500 are people under the age of 20 and slowly progressing alongside adults. This paper discusses diabetes in children with multiple risk factors and the need for multidisciplinary case management initiation (Von & Hewett,…

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