Type 2 Diabetes : The Most Popular Type Of Diabetes Essay

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Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease, and happens to be the most popular type of diabetes. In fact, 95% of people with diabetes have type 2 (ADA). This specific type of diabetes is not one people tend to live with for their whole life. It was formally called adult-onset diabetes because it tends to start affecting people over the age of 40 (ADA).
Unlike people with Type 1 diabetes, people with Type 2 do produce insulin. In a cell, there is a special protein, called a receptor, that binds to insulin.The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin. The insulin must bind to the cell in order for glucose to then be moved in and metabolized. In addition to being used to metabolize glucose, insulin also inhibits the release of glucose and other substances from the liver and helps make protein in the body (ADA). When there is a problem with the insulin usage, it can cause the liver to release too much glucose.
People who have Type 2 Diabetes do not respond correctly to insulin though. This is called insulin resistance. Other times, their bodies do not produce enough insulin. Both of these factors cause the same problem. The glucose cannot properly enter the cell, causing it to build up in the bloodstream (WebMD). Diabetes is an accelerating disease. In the beginning, the pancreas will create enough insulin to fix these problems, but over time, it will stop making enough, or it will make it too slowly. Scientist do not know why the pancreas stops working. Some believe that…

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